Here we are, let’s getting more familiar to the world healthiest vegetable, the Broccoli. This kind of veggie is from cabbage family whose mostly green flower head just like cauliflower.


Do you know why it is called broccoli? It comes from Italian language for plural form of the flowering crest of cabbage, broccolo. And also, this vegetable is classified in Italica group of the species Brassica Oleracea.

Many people think broccoli is always in green color, but the fact is, there is another variety which also has different color, for example the Sicilian Broccoli which has purple color for the flower head.

Sicilian broccoli
Sicilian (purple) Broccoli

Most of people will cook broccoli by boiling, steaming, or sauté. Some of them also like to eat it raw as salad, or even they make it as broccoli soup or stew.

How about you? Do you like broccoli? Or you don’t like it?

If you are curious why most people love to eat broccoli so much, read these a bunch advantages from eating broccoli, it will change your mind and start to like eating it.

  1. Broccoli helps us fight cancer

Some researches prove that broccoli can really help to prevent cancer, especially lung cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, and breast cancer. It is because this vegetable contains sulforaphane, a sulfur-containing which gives cruciferous vegetables (like cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage) a bitter bite, this compound gives the vegetable a cancer-fighting power. In addition, broccoli also has folate which has been proved can decrease the risk of breast cancer.

  1. Improve digestion and natural detoxification

This green flower head vegetable has natural fiber in it, which helps our digestion system, so it can prevent us from colon cancer cell. It also helps our body to do detoxification by flash away all the toxins that has come to our body. Moreover, its fiber can draw cholesterol out of our body, so broccoli can help to reduce your cholesterol level. Then, this fiber will also help to lose weight. It means broccoli is a smart choice to be inserted in your diet menu.

  1. Reducing allergic reaction and inflammation

Due broccoli contains significant amount of omega 3 fatty acids; it can help to reduce inflammation. And also there is kaemmpferol in it which has been proved by some researches that can lessen the impact of allergy-related substances on your body.

  1. Containing a lot of Vitamins and antioxidant

Broccoli is a vegetable which contains antioxidant the most, and also the most source of vitamin C. No wonder, this veggie can also boost up your energy level and alkalize our body as well as give contribution on our bone health.

So, what are you waiting for? Start to cook and eat broccoli NOW for healthier life!






Sliced avocado
Sliced avocado

Do you know that avocado has another name? Its name is Persea Americana. If we look through from the etymology of this fruit, “avocado” comes from Spanish word, aguacate. In first English written, the word changed into avogato, then in 1697 its mentions as avogato pear, a term which was later corrupted as alligator pear (most probably because the texture of the skin of this fruit is like alligator skin). But as the years passed by, this green fruit is well-known as avocado.

Some sources have stated that a tree was originated in Mexico and Central America, in the state of Puebla. Then, this fruit with many species were much more widespread until we can easily find it everywhere nowadays.

As we know, avocado is mostly used for salad, salad dressing, or as a fruit to be eaten directly. But some lay people assume that this fruit is full with fat/bad cholesterol.

But you know what? Indeed, avocado contains full of fat, but it is the good fat for body, which normally known as high-density cholesterol. Why this HDL is called as the good cholesterol? It is because the HDL helps to remove the LDL from the arteries and bring back to liver, whereas LDL is the bad cholesterol as it is low-density, so it causes the plaque in the bloodstream if the level is high.

So, no need to worry to eat avocado anymore. This fruit is good for your body. Unless you eat it with a lot of sugar, or sweetened condensed milk.

Here with some benefits if we regularly eat avocado as our breakfast or in the afternoon snacking-time:

  1. The avocado is full of nutrients that needed by our body. One of them is potassium which is also the most important mineral for our body. Potassium in avocado is richer than banana
  2. The fat of avocado does not only help to boost up your HDL and lower your LDL level, but it also help our body to absorb other nutrients from plants food more effectively, let say it can helps absorb
    Avocado with honey
    Avocado with honey

    antioxidant more effectively when it added to your salad.

  3. Meanwhile, avocado itself already contained lots of antioxidant which can protect your eyes as well
  4. It is loaded with fiber, which really helps on your diet, because it makes you feel full and satisfied, and have a lower desire to eat over the next 5 hours
  5. Avocado will not make you fat because it contains monounsaturated fat. It will help you lose weight
  6. By eating avocado daily, it will help to make a health in the long run, because those tons of nutrients will help keep your blood sugar level, boost your good cholesterol at optimum level

There are lots of benefits of avocado which cannot be mentioned one by one. The better way to prove it, is to test by yourself immediately.

-Eating well, and be healthy-