Do’s and Don’ts in Food Combining

There are some Do’s and Don’ts that needs to be followed if you want a result of food combining method. Please look through those items below:


Avoid combining Proteins and Carbohydrates!  If an acid and a base are combined together in the stomach, digestion screeches to a halt, foods & chemicals combine and become sludge in your system where now they can sit and ferment for days just like adding sugar to a gas tank. DO NOT mix Proteins & Starches in a single meal. However, not all proteins have the same digestive requirements. So, be careful!

Red Meats, which are Beef & Lamb should NEVER be eaten with a carbohydrate or starch.  White Meats, (Chicken Pork and Fish) can be eaten with Carbohydrates or starches but should be reserved to Whole Grain types of carbs.

Don’t Eat Fruits
with other food groups.  They should be eaten alone on an empty stomach, as a meal or snack.

Don’t Drink Milk! Milk should be given up at all costs. It doesn’t combine well with anything, and slows or stops the normal digestion process.

Don’t Drink Soda or Pop:  Carbonated Sweet drinks are horrible for us and so are their diet counter parts. You should avoid these drinks as much as possible.

Don’t Eat Desserts right after your meal!  You can have sweets, try to find types of sweets that are low in Saturated Fats and Trans Fats, but eat them an hour or two after your meal.

Don’t Drink Alcohol during the week!  If you need a cocktail in the evening, you can get a glass of wine and the best is a Red Wine.  If you know you are going to drink, it will be very helpful to drink Green Tea before and after you drink in order to cleanse yourself of the effects.

Here are things you should do, THE DO’s:

eat-the-foodEat Yogurt a couple times a day!  Eating 18 ounces of yogurt a day will boost your energy, give you bone building calcium and flush your body of fat.

Use Fats & Oils With Foods! Limit the quantities used as they could slow down the process of digestion, but you have to eat fat to lose fat, and choosing the correct fats is key!  Please choose the good one!

Drink Lots of Water!  Water flushes our bodies, getting rid of impurities, keeping us hydrated, and also, it helps to keep us looking younger.

Eat High Fiber Vegetables Each Day!  Fibrous veggies help cleanse our system quickly and rid our bodies of  putrefied waste.

Select More Raw Foods Over Prepared Packaged Foods!  When Shopping for ingredients for your meal it is always a better decision to choose Fresh or Raw foods over the canned or packaged foods. Prepared foods tend to be loaded in preservatives, saturated fats and chemicals our bodies have trouble breaking down causing them to ferment and putrefy.

Use More Whole Grain Carbohydrates!  Whole Grain forms of Carbs have higher levels of fiber in them, and fiber cancels out a portion of the total Carbohydrates of the food.





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