Yes, everyone around the world absolutely knows this fruit. This oval-yellow fruit is commonly used for cooking and baking, either the juice or the zest gives a strong flavor for dishes and cakes.

Warm Lemon Juice
Warm Lemon Juice

However, don’t you know that this little yellow has other benefits especially in health? Before we go on further on its benefits for human’s body, getting more familiar with this fruit is a must.

Let us talk a bit more about its history.

Where lemon was firstly found in this world? No source is sure about the exact place where lemons firstly found in this world, but some sources believe it was firstly grown in Assam – northern India, and northern Burma or China. With many varieties, this fruit has firstly entered to Europe through southern Italy. Then, in 1493 this fruit was firstly introduced to America when Christopher Columbus brought its seeds on his voyages. In scientific classification, this fruit has binomial name, citrus x limon or C. limon, and its genus is citrus.

Thus, vitamin C is the main elements that can be found in a lemon. Besides that, there are also vitamin B6, vitamin A & E, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and many others.

Due this fruit is rich with so many important elements for human’s body, by drinking its juice with hot water every morning, it will give you these benefits as mentioned below:

a. It helps to flush out all toxins in your body

b. It helps to cure and strengthen your liver’s cells by providing energy to liver enzymes

c. Its pectin fiber is very beneficial for colon health as a powerful antibacterial and assists to fight hunger cravings so that can help to lose weight

d. Its acid can absorb bad fat in your body and flush it out

e. It also helps fight viral infection or inflammation

f. Keeps the pH level balance in your body

g. The potassium content in lemons helps nourish brain and nerve cells

h. Lemons also can help prevent the formation of wrinkles and acne

So, what are you waiting for? Start to drink lemon with warm water every morning, you can add a bit of raw honey for flavor.